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Asset Inspections

Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of building inspections

At times conducting mandated asset inspections can pose a substantial risk to the health and wellbeing of employees. Conducting aerial inspections which capture high quality imagery for analysis, areas that need attention can then be identified, mitigating those risks.


Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of insurance job

Drone imagery is one of the biggest new assets to the insurance industry. We can deliver to the insurance industry a cost effective way to accurately assess claims by presenting high quality imagery of damaged assets from all perspectives.

Real Estate

Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of real estate promotion

When selling real estate, it is imperative that you paint your property in the best light possible to potential buyers. Aerodat can supply images of your property from varying and unique perspectives to create a strong positive first impression.


Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of pasture

Aerodat supports primary producers with a wide range of imagery services to help improve profitability and achieve better environmental outcomes. Including crop scouting, NDVI and Red Edge remote sensing and asset inspections.

Land Monitoring

Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of drone land monitoring

With increasing pressures being placed upon the natural environment, it is essential that problems are identified and corrected early. With a range of imaging of solutions landholders have options such as vegetation and NDVI maps, contour maps to manage water runoff and pest management solutions.


Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of copeton dam with blue green algae

We provide the construction industry with a wide range of cost effective solutions that increases the cost efficiency of large scale projects. These include 2D and 3D mapping of construction sites, material stockpile calculations and the identification of potential problem areas.

About Us

Aerodat Drone Aerial photography of building inspections

In 2018, Aerodat Imagery was born out of our passion for aviation and technology.

These passions have been combined to provide our clients with a tailored imagery and aerial intelligence service using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Located in Inverell in the picturesque New England region of New South Wales, we provide services to rural and regional clients as well as those from larger population centres.

The UAV space is rapidly advancing, and new uses for UAVs are being created daily.

Aerodat Imagery is committed to ensuring that we remain at the forefront of UAV technology and are constantly looking for and evaluating new technology that may improve the level of service we provide to our clients.

The world looks very different from the air, so let Aerodat Imagery show you

Your World from a Different Perspective.